Sumagrow® patent No. CA 2828012 A1/ 23.7.2009

Polymicrobial formulations for enhancing plant productivity
CA 2828012 A1  (ABSTRACT)

The present invention relates to eco-friendly compositions and methods for providing plant growth enhancing formulations comprising mixtures of microbial isolates. In particular, numerous bacterial and fungal strains were isolated from a variety of soil types, from rhizospheres and from root nodules of leguminous plants, in designed combinations, for providing plant growth and plant productivity enhancing formulations. These specifically designed polymicrobial formulations would further provide protection against plant pathogens lowering the need for nitrogen containing fertilizers, solubilize minerals, protect plants against pathogens, and make available to the plant valuable nutrients, such as phosphate, thus reducing and eliminating the need for using chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

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