StandUp® is an organic formulation of naturally ocurring beneficial soil microbes in liquid potassium humate.
  • Maximum crop performance ( yield)
  • Reduced fertilizer inputs
  • Reduced irrigation
  • Increased plant nutrition
  • Better stress tollerance in plants – drought, wind and extreme temperatures
  • Promotes strong healthy plants with natural resistance to fungi and pests
  • Less soil compaction
  • Long shelf life and simple storage and handling compared to similar products

StandUp® is an organic formulation of naturally occurring, multifunctional and beneficial soil microbes in high concentrations suspended in liquid potassium humate. The mixture of microbes and potassium humate is patented under the Sumagrow® name and is sold by Farmorganix under the StandUp® brand. The humate base serves to build soil organic matter and provides a carbon food source for the microbes pending application of StandUp® to the soil.

Key microbial actions of StandUp®

• Nitrogen fixation - allowing plants to access atmospheric nitrogen
• Phosphorus and Potassium solubilizers - making these mineral nutrients present in soil available to plants
• Nutrient cycling - more soil nutrients are made available to plants by breakdown of plant debris and detritus.
• Plant growth regulator.

SumaGrow® was developed by a world renowned team of soil scientists over a period of 10 years in conjunction with Bio Soil Enhancers Inc., of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA, the patent holder, manufacturer, and worldwide licensor of products containing the technology. Products with SumaGrow® are registered as organic in the USA with OMRI – Organic Materials Review Institute. Products with SumaGrow® were first released commercially in 2011. Since that time, the technology is being used increasingly on a wide spectrum of crops, amenity situations and for soil remediation.

Advantages and benefits of StandUp®:

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