Reduce fertilizer

Reduce fertilizer

  • Significant reduction in nitrate leaching and contamination of freshwater
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions help to prevent global warming
  • Enables soil fertility to improve through increasing organic matter
  • Reduces water and carbon footprint of agriculture
  • Helps to prevent erosion of soil and degradation of soil fertility

Widespread use of organic biofertilizers such as StandUp® with SumaGrow® will accelerate the shift to sustainable farming and grow the organic segment into large scale production.

Production, transport, and application of biofertilizers has a significantly lower carbon footpint than chemical fertilizers and is much less demanding on energy and water consumption. Key benefits include prevention of water contamination by nitrogen and phosphorus. StandUp® with SumaGrow® is manufatured by blending microorganism that occur naturally in soil, that are not genetically modified and pose no threat to human health or to the environment.



Mississippi and Illinois (US) tests led to 46% reduction of nitrate runoff and 77,16% reduction of of phosphorus content.

Fields not treated with SumaGrow had higher soil content of nitrate levels and phosphorus.

Cilantro (Mississippi, US test) treated with SumaGrow and 50% reduced grower standard increased 24% yield over grower standard.

Cilantro yield of plants treated with grower standard was almost 1/4 lower.

Basil plants (Guatemala test) after two weeks of treatment grew to a larger size compared to grower standard treatment.

Basil plants treated with grower standard were considerably smaller compared to SumaGrow treatment.

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