About Farmorganix Europe


Farmorganix Europe has been operating in European markets since 2016. We are European offspring of Farmorganix Group Ltd., an international innovative company from New Zealand, focusing on products supporting sustainable agriculture worldwide.

Our  Vision:
To create a company that will be a market lead expert in bringing innovative products and technologies for sustainable farming to European and international market.

Our Mission: 
To facilitate advent of sustainable farming and agriculture trough bringing the best products and advanced technologies to European and global markets.

Our strengths:

•  Access to advanced science-based technology with proven benefits
•  Infrastructure to conduct crop trials within and outside EU
•  Knowledge to give effect to regulatory approvals in all European countries
•  Access to diverse and specific distribution channels
•  Marketing and sales experience with innovative agricultural input products

Chris Hook

CEO, Member of the European Board

New Zealander and Irish citizen with background in finance, more than 40 years experience from different industries in several parts of the world. Involved in campaign for clean Rarotoa Lake in New Zealand.

Nigel Thwaites

Member of European Board

British citizen living in Ukraine with business experience from Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, director of Syngenta CR/SR. Expert backrgound in biology and agronomy.

Ladislav Cervenka

Member of the Board

Czech citizen with experience from Foreign Service, working for Unilever for 2 decades. Background in law and international relations, expertize in Government relations.

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